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April 10, 2011

10 Reasons Why the Best "Boyfriend" I've Ever Had Is My Cat

I was talking about men the other day. And the thought occurred to me --- not for the first time ---- that my cat has a lot of qualities that I wish men in my life had had.  So I decided to make a list.

Facetious, but still holds a lot of truth.................
  1. My cat lets me know I'm the most important person in his life.
  2. My cat shows me every day that he loves me.
  3. My cat gets along with my friends, and my friends get along with my cat.
  4. My cat likes to cuddle.
  5. My cat always comes home to me.
  6. My cat is independent.  He does his thing.  He lets me do my thing.
  7. My cat shows interest in what I'm doing.
  8. My cat always remembers to say "good morning."
  9. My cat only asks me to do things for him that he can't do himself.
  10. My cat and I can sleep holding hands (okay, paw and hand).

Trilby Kitty
My cat, Trilby Kitty, a better "boyfriend" than many

Cat and person Holding hands cartoon

If you want to read more about my cat, Trilby Kitty, check out "The Devotion of a Cat" or "In the Mind of a Sleeping Cat." And if you own a cat or a dog, then "7 Scary Things You Didn't Know about Your Pet's Food" is a must read.

Pensacola Highlights --- UWF's Festival on the Green: Lots of Dogs and Just One Cat

The University of West Florida's celebration of Spring, Festival on the Green, is my favorite of all the Pensacola's festivals. The presence of the college students and the fact that dogs are welcome are just two of the reasons that it has a different feeling from any other festival here. Being put on by a university, it also has an emphasis on education and history that you won't find at other festivals. Held on the campus, it's got lots of room to spread out, but it doesn't draw the crowds that the downtown festivals do. Conversely, this results in you having both more room to breathe and a greater feeling of intimacy at Festival on the Green as opposed to the "sardine in a can" feeling the big festivals can have.

This year Festival on the Green was last Friday and Saturday, April 1 and 2. On Saturday, the Festival has three entertainment stages plus the canine area so there's a lot to see. There's so much going on simultaneously, it's impossible for one person to cover it all. Here are some highlights.........

Fine Arts and Crafts

Fine Arts
The artist at work

Fine Arts
Fine Arts display

Stained Glass       Doilies
                                  From stained lace doilies, there was a variety of wares.


Student Activists
Where you have students, you have student activists.

Cheerleaders practicing behind the scenes.

Concerned Students       ROTC
                                        More causes                                                                                                                         ROTC

Student Life       Plants for Sale
                                               Campus life                                                                    Live plants, one of the more popular items for sale by the students.

Fantasy: Past and Future

SCA       Star Trek
                    SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism)                                                                                              Star Trek


Astronomers set up their telescopes for views of the Sun.


An entire section of the festival is devoted to living history.

Reenactors       Soldiers, past and present
                                          More reenactors                                                                                               The past meets the present.

Children's Festival

Clown and balloons in the Saturday Children's Festival

Naval Aviation Museum       Marine Life
                      An exhibit from the Naval Aviation Museum                                       Even for children, education is emphasized with this exhibit on marine life.


       Native American       Irish Dance
                           The Native Americans brought their mobile museum.                                The two 
littlest Irish dancers. The youngest is only six.

A display of origami. UWF has strong ties to Japan.

Belly Dancers       Swordsmen
                                    Middle Eastern Belly Dancers                                                                     The art of Japanese swordsmanship


Not Quite Fab
The local Beatles tribute band, Not Quite Fab

UWF Students       "A touch of Gray"
      UWF symphony and singers perform selections from "Brigadoon"                                "A touch of Gray" opens the Main Stage Saturday morning

Dogs Welcome

Dogs Taking a Break
Dogs are full participants at Festival on the Green. Everywhere you looked there were dogs. People were welcome to bring well behaved dogs.
Dogs were the star performers at the Canine Arena.

Fly Ball
The most exciting event of the festival: Fly Ball!

A Dog and Its Balls       Dog Agility
                         Who needs hands? Carrying two balls at a time.                                                                             Canine agility

One Lone Cat

Campus Cat
Campus Cat -- not invited to the festival, but clearly a permanent resident

Butterfly and Flower

If you'd like to read more about the Pensacola scene, check out "The Sounds of Pensacola:  The Seductive Stylings of Songstress Holly Shelton." Or check in the Archive for The Sound of Pensacola series.



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