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August 14, 2011

Storm Over Pensacola Beach

I was out at Pensacola Beach Tuesday night (Aug 9) for my favorite free concert series "Bands on the Beach." The band playing was the Sawmill Band which is my favorite local country music band.

The concert had only been going for maybe 15 minutes when the people in front of us packed up and left. We had no idea why. (My guess now is they could access the weather on their cell phone.)

The weather was beautiful where we were at. I could see a thunderhead off to the east, but it didn't look like it was coming this way. But more and more people started to leave. And very shortly this line of storms darkened the northern sky rapidly heading south toward us.

The clouds were fascinating: the way the layers were stacked like some kind of lopsided, gigantic, upside-down wedding cake, the contrast between the dark storm cloud and the well-lit, partly cloudy evening sky that surrounded it. I grabbed some shots before we packed up and headed back to the car to wait out the storm to see if it was going to hit us or blow over us. (I love taking photos of the sky. Since I was given the camera at Christmas, if you could look through my photos you'd see day after day where I've taken pictures of the western evening sky from my front yard. Sadly, I no longer get a view of the sunrise since the subdivision completed construction, but I still get sunsets.)

The storm turned out to be more bluster than bite. A little wind, a little rain, but from the look of it, we were expecting a major blow. Though I did come home to wet cat.

(I've never done a photo only piece as this site is meant to be about the written word occasionally accented with photos; however, I wasn't planning on posting a piece at all this weekend since I normally only post once a week, and I already published that piece on "Summer Country Jam" on Wednesday. (I wanted to get that one up before this week's concert on Thursday night.) I had put an unbelievable amount of work into that "Summer Country Jam" piece. It wouldn't surprise me if I put more than 50 hours of work into Part One of that piece (not counting taking the photos) which is why I was skipping this weekend. But these photos were so interesting, I thought I'd just post them, and they'd be a quick and easy piece. Consider this lagniappe.)

Addendum, August 28, 2011:
Yes, this is the same storm that went viral on TwitPic misidentified as "Hurricane Irene approaching North Carolina." Same storm, not the same photo. That photo was taken from one of the high rises on the beach and shows the storm crossing over Santa Rosa Sound to Pensacola Beach on Santa Rosa Island.
Twitter Becomes a Playground During Hurricane Irene

Storm Pensacola Beach
The initial thunderhead off to the east of Pensacola Beach's Casino Beach.

Storm on Pensacola Beach

Storm on Pensacola Beach

Storm on Pensacola Beach

Storm on Pensacola Beach

Storm on Pensacola Beach

Storm on Pensacola Beach
The crowd heads for their cars as the band and sound/lighting crew start to pack up.

Shell on the Boardwalk at Quietwater Beach

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Pensacola Highlights --- Sunsets at Plaza de Luna
Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alvardo Road Show
Alvarado Road Show
Surprisingly not a local band; they hail from Texas (Alvarado, TX) but were playing another show in Pensacola that night.
Like "Bands on the Beach" this concert was also rained out.
But at least they had a sense of humor about it. Two songs into the show as the rain fell, they played CCR's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"
That was the last song they played. Too bad, as they were really good.
Fortunately, the rain didn't last long and the two other Thursday night concerts were not canceled.

Batman at Sunsets at Plaza de Luna
A wet Batman, but the costume looks like it was made to handle the wet.
Probably cooled him off as it was hot and humid this evening. Must be like a steam room wearing this.

Sunsets at Plaza de Luna

To find out more about Sunsets at Plaza de Luna, read the original "The Sounds of Pensacola: Sunsets at Plaza de Luna."



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