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November 30, 2011

Cox Email

Cox email

In my opinion, Cox is treating its customers like it's 30 years ago back in the days before satellite became widespread. The cable companies like Cox basically had a monopoly. I could just imagine some cable company executive laughing evilly as he says, "What are they going to do? Go back to an antenna?" Cox still seems to think their customers' options are "Like It or Lump It." Despite their shrinking customer base, Cox doesn't seem to understand that today their customers' options are "Like It, Lump It or Leave It."

I'm planning on leaving Cox. I currently get internet and TV service for them. I've been their customer for decades. I pay on time.  Through the years, they keep cutting their services back and back. It's been a regular occurrence for me to turn on the TV and another channel is deleted. They've deleted features from their Personal WebSpaces. (If you've got a website, you'll find this one hard to believe, but Cox no longer allows FTP uploads. Can you imagine a webhost with no FTP uploads? Instead I have to go into the file manager and, because it won't allow you to select multiple files, one at a time I have to manually delete the old file and upload the new file.)

Until now, I've put up with Cox's dwindling services and their skyrocketing prices. But deleting all our webspaces like they're mud that Cox is trying to scrape off its boots ---- that's too much.

Cox claims to be "your friend in the digital age." Some friend. I don't pay my friends. And my friends don't screw me. You know who you pay and they screw you? A prostitute. Only Cox, instead of being a good whore, halfway through Cox takes your money and refuses to deliver the service you're paying them for, making them a very, very bad whore.

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