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 April 8, 2012

The Notebooks of Maggie A
Part Three

The lesson I learned from living in hurricane territory is this. When faced with an oncoming disaster you cannot stop, do your preparations, then turn off the news and try not to worry about it.  What will happen, will happen. If you've prepared for it and you handle the problems as they occur, then that's the best you can do. Obsessively following news you cannot change to the point you make yourself sick with worry doesn't help the situation.

My favorite saying, supposedly an old Chinese proverb, is "Everyone is an idiot ten percent of the time. The truly wise keep it to ten percent." No matter how smart you are, we all occasionally do stupid things. When I do, I tell myself, "There's your ten percent. Now try not to go over."

The problem with presidents is they're politicians. And politicians lie as naturally as the leaves fall. But, as unrealistic as it is, there's a part of us that longs for better from presidents than just to be another lying politician. It's as if we hope that taking the oath of office could somehow transform a politician into a president, not just in fact, but also in principle.

Never give the nuclear codes to someone who can't even pronounce the word.

Our non-human companions have this over our human companions. As the years pass, our pets don't get bored by receiving physical affection from the person they love and think they want the exact same act, only from a different source.

What you know and what your mind is convinced of are not necessarily the same thing. I'm reminded of that whenever I look up on a starry night. The brightest stars in the night sky range from Alpha Centauri, our neighbor at 4.3 lightyears, to Deneb which is a whopping 1500 light years from Earth. I know that; I know there isn't a direct correlation between the brightness I see (apparent magnitude) and distance. (Our nearest neighbor, Proxima Centauri, isn't even visible to the naked eye.) But every time I look at the stars, my mind still thinks:
bright stars = near by, dim stars = far away.

Odds are your "perfect kid" is everyone else's "spoiled, rotten brat."

Laws apply to everybody. Rules don't. Rules only apply if you're in the game, on the premises, etc. The next time someone tells you you have to follow their rules when you don't want to, explain that to them ------- then leave. Because that is always your option if you don't want to follow their rules.

The state of religious freedom in the U.S. has less to do with mutual religious tolerance than it does mutual religious intolerance.......with each favoring their own. Don't believe me? Then ask someone advocating for organized prayer to be a part of public schools how he would feel if the prayer his child was required to say was "God is Great" phrased "All
āhu Akbar." Then stand back and wait for the fireworks.

I have reached that age where I wear a proverbial "ugly sweater." I don't care that it's ugly; I only care that I'm warm. I don't know if that's the beginning of wisdom or the beginning of not giving a shit.

Notebooks of Maggie A

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