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 August 5, 2012

My Take on Certain Olympic Events

It's Olympics time again.
I admit I haven't seen every Olympic sport. I'm an American watching American TV coverage. That means there are a lot of events I never see because they're not popular enough to be shown.

However, now that have this site, I'm going to go on record with my opinion about some of the events I have seen. For those of you who are "into" these particular sports, you probably aren't going to like what you're about to read. But, this is more or less what many of the rest of us think..........

  • Wrestling -- Gayest* Olympic sport (No wonder it came from the Greeks. And I bet they loved doing this naked.)
  • Doubles Luge -- Second gayest Olympic sport (You could tell me whoever invented this had three wives and 18 children, and I'll just think he was deep in the closet.)
  • Synchronized Swimming -- What? Am I watching an MGM musical? This looks like it was choreographed by Busby Berkeley for an Esther Williams number. (I understand there are Men's Synchronized Swimming teams. If that becomes an Olympic event, it will take the medal as gayest Olympic sport.)
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics -- Cirque du Soleil is calling. In fact, I'm pretty sure I saw this act at Cirque du Soleil. There's a difference between circus acts and sports. What's next, daring young men on a flying trapeze?
  • Equestrian -- Those horses better be getting medals too and be listed as co-winners in the records or those riders can strap the saddle between their legs and do that stuff without the horse.
  • 10 Meter Air Rifle --- You're kidding me. I shot a BB gun farther than that when I was a kid. It was a lot more than 10 meters to the back fence where we set up the cans. Anyway, how in the hell is shooting a gun athletic? At least the archers have to have some serious muscle to draw that bow. I don't think any gun shooting belongs in the Olympics unless they're skiing or running before they stop and shoot.
  • Ice Dancing -- Nothing called "dancing" belongs in the Olympics. Ballet's really physical too, but I don't want to see Olympic Ballet.
  • Curling --- Boy, those north country winters must be really long & boring for someone to have thought this up. Now why does the TV show so many damn hours of the single most boring sport in the Olympics?
  • Fencing --- Not nearly as exciting as swordfighting in the movies
  • Men's Judo --- Oh my god, it's two guys catfighting! That was my exact reaction the first time I saw Olympic judo. The two men started out by doing that flailing with extended hands thing, then ended up rolling on the ground together. All they needed to add was hair pulling. The only reason I thought what I was watching had to be judo was because of the outfits they were wearing.
  • Walking -- Seriously? Walking as sport? Walking's not a sport --- it's an activity. And Ministry of Silly Walks anyone? Because that walk looks ridiculous even if it is fast. Just run already.
And while I'm giving my completely unsolicited opinion, the IOC needs to move some of those Summer indoor events to the Winter Olympics. The addition of snowboarding and freestyle skiing has helped, but the Winter Olympics always ends up getting monotonous. It needs more variety. (Basketball season is winter, not summer.) And there's no reason you couldn't hold some of those indoor events in the Winter Olympics. Then maybe they'd actually be shown on TV instead of endless hours of Curling. Besides, with fewer events in the summer, the remaining "small" events might get some coverage instead of being buried by the "big" events.

One last thing...........I don't mind tape delay and saving the big events for prime time. I understand that NBC has to make its money. But what I do mind is NBC network executives who apparently think the American viewing public only has half a brain thus is unaware of the fact that London is hours ahead of the United States. (Five hours ahead of the East Coast making it already afternoon in London when Today starts its live broadcast at 7AM EDT) So a message to NBC executives about Today being filmed on location in London during the Olympics, "Despite your confidence in our ignorance we have heard of time zones and know what they are. So when I turn on the Today show and your on-air personalities are acting like the Olympics are just starting and saying 'Good morning' to one another there in London and pretending like it's still first thing in the morning in London when it's the actually afternoon in London.........that irritates the hell out me." Just because NBC network executives think the viewing public is stupid doesn't mean we are. You know who's being stupid here? It's not us. It's the executives who made this decision and the producers, anchors & journalists who so lack in integrity they go along with the decision. And what makes it so bad is that Today isn't part of NBC sports or's a news show. It's part of NBC News. News. Not NBC fiction. Faking the news is what you'd expect of network executives, but for the news producers and people who are supposed to be journalists to go along with much for journalistic ethics, they don't have any.

* Note -- Calling something "gay" is a description, not an insult.

Olympics sports cartoon - luge, curling, synchronized swimming

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