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 Dec 9, 2012

The Notebooks of Maggie A
Part Five

Any government kills who it thinks is necessary to kill. The questions are: Do you agree with your government's definition of a "necessary kill"? And, if you don't, can you do anything about it?

Potato chips don't settle that much.

2012....the year a bunch of extremely rich people discovered to their disappointment that though they can buy politicians with their money, they couldn't buy our votes. Perhaps someone should have reminded them that money can't buy everything.

Nothing encourages napping like a sleeping cat lying next to you.

In any religion there should be at least a few moral values which resonate with anyone. That doesn't prove the validity of the entire religion. (You'd have to be extraordinarily evil or the religion extraordinarily bad for no part of a religion to resonate.)

Intelligence is not an absolute. It's relative.

We all have a monster inside of us. Most of us try to keep the monster caged. (Though my monster tends to reach out its claws and take swipes from between the bars --- especially if someone's poked at it.) One of the worst aspects of addiction is it uncages the monster so it can roam free. If it gets bad enough, the monster is all you see of that person. Afterward, addicts like to pretend that the monster wasn't them. But it was.........only a part of them, but still them.

If your attitude about having a baby is it's a "chance you take" or a "risk you accept" instead of having a baby is a "carefully considered decision," then do your future children a favor ------ get yourself sterilized.

Used to be you could describe this planet as pockets of civilization bounded by wilderness. Now it's pockets of wilderness bounded by civilization.

When I passed a sign that said that tobacco kills 438,000 people a year, I thought "It's not killing enough." Every time I go to a public event, I'm still forced to breath in their toxic fumes.

Notebooks of Maggie A



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