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January 8, 2012

LOLCat Featuring Trilby Kitty -- Part 1

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Are U There Ceiling Cat? It's Me, Trilby Kitty LOLCat

Cat Bell Ringer LOLCat
Here Trilby is playing with the drawstring from a pair of slacks.
Trilby Kitty loves when I hang the laundry on the line. He likes to play with it and to "supervise" me when I work outdoors. Once I left Trilby sleeping on my bed and went outside to hang the laundry, I had only put up the first item when Trilby joined me --- he must have heard though I don't know what sound says "hanging laundry."

Cat in tree. Real or photoshopped? LOLCat

I Is Cat LOLCat

If you'd like to read more about Trilby Kitty "The Devotion of a Cat" is a heart-warming tale. Trilby is also featured in "His Person's Voice or A Cat Who Will Come When Called," "In the Mind of a Sleeping Cat," "10 Reasons Why the Best "Boyfriend" I've Ever Had Is My Cat" and is a supporting player in "The Suburban Wilds." If you're a pet owner then "7 Scary Things You Didn't Know about Your Pet's Food" is a must read. To read some non-cat pieces, check-out the Archive and be sure to scroll down for the Trilby Kitty LOLCat.



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