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 May 27, 2012

The Notebooks of Maggie A
Part Four

When did Conservatives start defining 'freedom' as "You have complete 'freedom' live your life in a way that I agree with. If I don't approve of it, you can't do it."?

One difference in the general perception of household chores that I've noticed between American women and American men is that American women do household chores and think they're martyrs while American men do household chores and think they're heroes.

I met a man who said to me, "I don't care about facts. I only care about what's nice." He didn't want anything that wasn't "nice" to be discussed in his hearing even when what was said was true. People like that are part of the reason that the problems in the world don't get addressed. If the world were run according to his standards slavery would still be the law and pedophiles and domestic abusers could get away scot-free, because you can't discuss anything that's "not nice" and if you can't even discuss it, then the problem never gets fixed.

When it comes to intelligence, George Carlin was right

The difference between engineers and lawyers? If engineers had been running the government, they would have looked at the Constitution and said, "These are our specs. We have to follow them." Since lawyers were, they looked at the Constitution and said, "These are just words. How do we get around them?"

Cats have great respect for privacy..........theirs, not yours.

Everybody should have the experience of being the minority. It teaches you lessons that being in the majority never could.

Hospitals.......Where, when you're feeling your absolute worst and are too weak to fight for yourself, they push you around. There's a name for people who pick on people who can't fight's bullies.

Too often I hear men complaining bitterly about how much they "gave" their exes in a divorce. I point out, in a community property state, that if each spouse ended up with 50% of the marital assets, then no one gave anyone anything ---- each of them ended up with their own share of property. This is never a popular statement to make to the man.

When the rubber meets the road, hypocrisy trumps stupidity. Even Creationists who refuse to accept the reality of evolution aren't stupid enough to refuse to use new medicines that had to be developed because of drug-resistant evolution in 
microorganisms. Unfortunately, in that case stupidity isn't its own cure. If it were, they'd refuse to use the new medicines and die.

Notebooks of Maggie A



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