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 September 16, 2012

My Credo as a Liberal

I am a liberal. This is what I believe..............

I believe that other people have a right to live their life in a way I don't agree with. But they don't have a right to impose that way of life on me. The reverse is also true.

I believe in all the rights given by the Constitution.

I believe Constitutional protections apply equally to everyone in the United States of America. That's everyone.........not just people like me. 

I believe no one can be deprived of their rights except through due process.

I don't believe that life and liberty are inalienable rights though I suppose even someone on Death Row who's deprived of liberty and is about to be deprived of life can attempt to pursue what happiness he can.

I believe government should follow the Constitution.

I believe in open and transparent government. As in open, open, OPEN. Very, very, very little of what any government agency does should be classified and then only for national security reasons. Everything else (emails, records of meetings, etc.) should automatically be available upon request. After all, we're paying for.........we should be able to see what it's doing in our names.

I believe that the government should generally not interfere in individual, private lives. (However, as the saying goes, "Your right to swing your arm ends where the other man's nose begins.")

I believe that human action can and does impact the environment. As such I believe we should be stewards of the Earth, not its despoilers. (Considering that many conservatives love outdoor activities or make their living from the outdoors, it baffles me that they look down upon anything that hints of being "green." You'd think that someone who enjoys hunting or fishing or farms for a living would want clean water, clean air, unpolluted soil, etc.)

I believe in government regulation of business. Business can do far more damage than private individuals. I do not believe that the free market should be the only force regulating business. The United States of America had that (or close to it) for a long time (from its founding through much of 20th century). We also had poisoned food, poisoned medicine, lead paint, slavery and virtual slavery in the form of company towns, sweatshops, child labor, industrial atrocities like the Triangle Shirtwaist fire, extreme pollution and other abuses that the free market allowed.

I believe we are each responsible for our own actions.

I don't believe corporations are people too. If you can't put them in irons and toss their ass in jail, in the person-place-or-thing classification, it's not a person.

I believe that money talks, but that it isn't the same as free speech.

I believe that education is important, and an important element of education is learning to distinguish between beliefs and facts.

I believe the phrase "with liberty and justice for all" isn't a statement of actual conditions, but a goal that we should be striving for.

I believe that love for country should not be confused with blindness of its faults. And I certainly don't believe that the United States of America is perfect. Hence, I believe that honest, fact-based criticism is critical for the USA to strive to be better.

I believe it's important to distinguish between country and government. It's possible to love one and hate the other.

I believe spending money you don't have and can't pay back is foolish.

I believe in trying to be my idea of a good person, but I understand that might not meet your criteria for a "good person" and vice versa. However, I believe, in general, that people don't see themselves as villains.

I believe that the United States of America is not the only republic in the world, that there are other religions besides Christianity that are equally valid as religions, that there are people that don't have any religion, that those non-Christians can be good or bad people (just like Christians are both good and bad people), that there can be value in different cultures and different ways of doing things, and that people in other countries may also consider themselves to be brave and even free.

liberal sign leaning to the left

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