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 Aug 11, 2013

The Notebooks of Maggie A
Part Eight

The Bible may be the oldest, most continually used Rorschach test in Western civilization. Because which parts of the Bible someone chooses to follow and which parts someone chooses to ignore tell a lot about that person. (See "Life Among the Baptists: One Outsider's Perspective")

I've never thought of America as a melting pot. I've always thought of it as a gumbo. Each culture that comes here adds flavor to the pot, but still maintains its inherent shape. (If you're not from the South, you can think of it as a stew.)

Hospitals --- Where you're changed super-premium prices for sub-economy level goods (food, toiletries, etc.).

The Catholic Church made a fundamental mistake centuries ago in involving itself in power and wealth. Because, after that, among the people who were attracted to the hierarchy of the church were people attracted not by the proverbial "mission of Jesus Christ" but attracted to that power and wealth. And they became invested in setting up an institution designed to maintain that power and wealth. Thus began the Catholic Church's long downward spiral. A descent it is only beginning to climb out of now that it's lost most of that power and much of that wealth. (Though the Vatican still has too much of both for its own good.) ----------- So it's unfortunate that other churches have failed to learn from the Catholic Church's mistake. Instead, they end up following in its footsteps.

We're not smart enough to realize we're not smart enough. The ultimate joke would be if we do something "smart" and end up wiping out our own species.

A horse knows exactly how tall and how wide it is. Your dimensions don't come into its equation.

There's nothing like divorce to bring out the petty.

It always makes me a little uneasy when foster care removes a child from their parents and places that child with their grandparents. These are the people who screwed up with the parent in the first place. What? Is foster care hoping the grandparent learned from their mistakes and will do better the second time around??? Nice hope, but it's a heck of a thing to risk a child's future on.

I was born in the United States of America, yet now I live in Soviet era Russia. I'm under government surveillance even when I'm at home. All communication that isn't face to fact is monitored by the government. My home can be broken into at any moment by armed men and I and my cat can be shot dead while we're sleeping in the living room ---- yet no one will spend a day in jail for the killing if it's done by government agents. Instead, it will be investigated and the people involved will be cleared. Even if it turns out they broke into the wrong house, they'll be cleared because they followed proper procedure while breaking into the wrong house and killing the sleeping resident (who moved or whose declawed cat jumped or did something equally threatening like hiss at them). So I live in a country where the "police" can kill its citizens with impunity. If I'm arrested, I can be denied a lawyer or have lawyer-client communication monitored just by saying it's "terrorism related" a term that means whatever the government wants it to mean. Habeas corpus can be denied meaning I can be held in prison for the rest of my life without ever having a trial. And I can be tortured because that same government gets to define whatever it wants to do as "not" torture. The government decides when it will and will not follow the agreements it signed like the Geneva Convention. So I'm under government monitoring, can be arrested, tortured and held for life without trial, and can be killed with impunity. That's the country that I'm living in. How is that not Soviet era Russia? Because it sure as hell doesn't sound like the United States of America. And it sure as hell is not the United States that I was born in. So I'll say again. I now live in Soviet era Russia. (Except, no, wait, at least Russia under the Soviet Union had universal health care. So I live in a country that's worse than Soviet era Russia with all the drawbacks and none of the benefits.)

It's bad enough having the fox guarding the hen house. But the current situation in this country is the equivalent of the fox not only guarding the hen house but then other foxes get to evaluate the job he's doing.

Notebooks of Maggie A



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