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 Feb 10, 2013

The Notebooks of Maggie A
Part Six

The single best event for Earth's biological diversity since we evolved will be our extinction.

Institutions, big and small, are always eager to institute policies that leave all commonsense behind. Then when someone points out how ridiculous it is, they point to the policy as if it were handed down on stone tablets writ by god. They forget the policies were written by the people in the institution. Those people are the ones responsible for it and have the power to change it.

Congress should remember, when determined at all costs that an administration fail or to damage the other party no matter what, that the earth they're scorching is the United States of America.

No man is a hero to his valet. But, the thing is, most men (probably about 100%) are heroes in their own minds, in the internal script of their lives. Even the biggest losers I've met think of themselves as the hero. And none of them can really grasp that the world doesn't see them as the hero. So they all end up getting their egos bruised, then go into the standard male reaction triad: dismissive, defensive and aggressive..........all because they can't see & accept themselves for who they really are.

No work of art can match the elegance of a cat striking a pose.

There are too many Conservatives who believe in the full-freedom of only the Second Amendment and too many Liberals who believe in the full-freedom of every Amendment but the Second Amendment. Ironically, each side will proclaim themselves the "defender of the Constitution."

Many parts of the world have a legend of a flood. Many parts of the world have had a legendary flood. Have you never heard the term "100 year flood" or "500 year flood"?

It took the example of George W. Bush for me to grasp that a university having a first rate reputation doesn't equate to its students getting a first rate education. (Though it does equate to its students getting soaked with first rate expenses.) I was educated in the Mississippi public school system which ranked number 50 out of 50 states when I attended it. Yet I feel I got a good education from this bottom ranked school system. (It was not an advanced education with a wide curriculum, but it was a good, solid education.) I've come to the conclusion that the kind of education you get is at least as much a product of what you put into it as the quality of the school. And that's especially true in today's world where anyone with an internet connection has access to a world of literature, history, science, geography, arts, etc. Today more than ever, the extent to which a student is educated is in the student's own hands.

Some say youth is wasted on the young, I say money is wasted on the rich.

Hitting the crosswalk button a bunch of times doesn't get you the signal any faster.

Notebooks of Maggie A

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