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 Feb 17, 2013 - Addendum

Doctor Who (2005) Grade Rankings
(Addendum for "Tell Me Again Why the Doctor Can Never See Amy (& Rory)?")

When I had finished watching New Who, I emailed a friend who hadn't seen anything but Season One with this report card............

Season One
Rose: C
The End of the World: B-
The Unquiet Dead: B
Aliens of London: D
World War Three: D+
Dalek: A+
The Long Game: C
Father's Day: B
The Empty Child: B+
The Doctor Dances: A
Boom Town: B-
Bad Wolf: A-
The Parting of the Ways: A+
Christopher Eccleston's performance is a solid A. The acting is fine. The effects are acceptably adequate for British TV. The grades (for this season) are for story.

Season Two
The Christmas Invasion: D
New Earth: D
Tooth and Claw: D
School Reunion: A
The Girl in the Fireplace: A+
Rise of the Cybermen: A
The Age of Steel: A+
The Idiot's Lantern: D
The Impossible Planet: B-
The Satan Pit: B
Love & Monsters: C
Fear Her: C
Army of Ghosts: A
Doomsday: A+

Season Three
The Runaway Bride: B+
Smith and Jones: B
The Shakespeare Code: B
Gridlock: C
Daleks in Manhattan: C
Evolution of the Daleks: C
The Lazarus Experiment: D
42: D
Human Nature: B (Many would say the 2 parter of "Human Nature" and "The Family of Blood" is one of the best of the New Who. But this is a rare case where I thought the writing was marvelous, but, based on my single viewing, I could not believe the story as presented due to the lack of chemistry between the actors. If the actors had had the proper chemistry, these would have been A/A+. However, the end of "The Family of Blood" is great........and particularly chilling.)
The Family of Blood: B+
Blink: A+
Utopia: A 
The Sound of Drums: A
Last of the Time Lords: A- (Despite the Tinker Bell like ending --- clap your hands if you believe in the Doctor)

Season Four
(Based on my letter grading, this was the best season. Only one D and seven As, more than any other season.)
Voyage of the Damned: B-
Partners in Crime: B
The Fires of Pompeii: A
Planet of the Ood: B+
The Sontaran Stratagem: B
The Poisoned Sky: B+
The Doctor's Daughter: C-
The Unicorn and the Wasp: D
Silence in the Library: A
Forest of the Dead: A+
Midnight: A
Turn Left: A+
The Stolen Earth: A+
Journey's End: A+

The Next Doctor: C
Planet of the Dead: B
Waters of Mars: A
The End of Time Part 1: B
The End of Time Part 2: B+

Season Five
The Eleventh Hour: F
(I emailed my friend with this report card after I watched "The Eleventh Hour" and completely stopped watching Doctor Who for a while because the episode was so bad, but BBC America kept showing the episodes and eventually I did see them. So I've just added my grades for the rest of Season Five, Season Six and Season Seven up to the exit of Amy & Rory.)
The Beast Below: F
Victory of the Daleks: F
The Time of Angels: C
Flesh and Stone: D
The Vampires of Venice: F
Amy's Choice: D
The Hungry Earth: D
Cold Blood: D-
Vincent and the Doctor: A- (Because I love van Gogh though the "monster" part was half-assed. But they should have actually learned how to pronounce van Gogh in Dutch. At least Matt Smith (playing a character who can speak every language in the universe) and Tony Curran (the actor playing van Gogh) should have been using the Dutch pronunciation of "van Gogh.")
The Lodger: D-
The Pandorica Opens: D
The Big Bang: D+
You know, if you're going to wipe out a season's worth of shows, just let me know in advance so I won't bother watching. After all, none of it ever happened. (In Season Six's "A Good Man Goes to War" the Doctor even says since he rebooted the universe that the first time Amy and Rory were together on the TARDIS in "this version of reality" was on their wedding night [at the very end of "The Big Bang"]. Except Moffat, with his usual baffling bullshit, forgets that he rebooted the universe and this version of reality never happened because in Season Six, Moffat continued to reference events from Season Five like they had happened. So Craig Owens from Season Five's "The Lodger" knows the Doctor in Season Six's "Closing Time." Continuity, thy name is not Steven Moffat.)

Season Six
A Christmas Carol: D-
The Impossible Astronaut: D (The Silents were an interesting concept but undercut by bad writing and the totally lame fake-out death.)
Day of the Moon: D- (Only saved from being an "F" because I did like the command inserted into the Moon landing, but this episode takes the prize for the most "Baffling Bullshit Beginning" of New Who.)
The Curse of the Black Spot: F
The Doctor's Wife: C-
The Rebel Flesh: D
The Almost People: D
A Good Man Goes to War: F (You know the saying......"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Shame, Doctor, shame.)
Let's Kill Hitler: F (The "killing Hitler" part a classic example of Moffat's "baffle them with bullshit" approach.)
Night Terrors: D
The Girl Who Waited: F
The God Complex: D
Closing Time: F
The Wedding of River Song: D-  
The best thing I could say about this season is at least Moffat didn't wipe out the season with timey-wimey stuff like he did with Season Five.

Season Seven
(I wouldn't have even bothered to tune in this season, except I learned the joyous news that Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill were leaving. Frankly, it seems like Amy & Rory were on there forever and not in a good way -- in an Einstein-hot-stove kind of way. In my opinion there were only two good things about Amy & Rory: 1) Their love story 2) Arthur Darvill was a good actor though his skills were underutilized as Rory.)
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe: D (Or as I call it, "The Wish Upon a Doctor" episode)
Asylum of the Daleks: C (Gets a "C" only because I did like Oswin Oswald, though it's just part of this Doctor's stupidity that he's never heard of canned milk something we've already invented, and we don't even have interstellar travel capabilities where I'm sure they have even more advanced techniques of food preservation.)
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: D
A Town Called Mercy: C (Because I have a fondness for Westerns. Amazing how Amy completely forgot how to handle a gun in between the previous episode and this one.)
The Power of Three: F
The Angels Take Manhattan: F

Overall, I'd describe my impressions of the perfomances of the actors who played the Doctor in New Who as:
Christopher Eccleston's Doctor reminded me of Tom Baker's Doctor
David Tennant's Doctor reminded me of Peter Davison's Doctor
Matt Smith's Doctor reminds me of The Three Stooges

Doctor Who (2005) report card for seasons 1 - 6

For the original article, read "Tell Me Again Why the Doctor Can Never See Amy (& Rory)?"



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