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 Jan 6, 2013

When Good TV Shows Are Going Bad...
Signs a Show Has Jumped the Shark

These are some signs to watch for that a TV show* you like may have jumped the shark..........
  1. When the show forgets its own previous plotlines.
  2. When the show forgets a main character's established history.
  3. The second time it brings a main character back from the dead.
  4. When it does a musical episode.
  5. When it remakes its own episodes.
  6. When it recasts a major role and acts like no one notices.
  7. When they introduce a new adorable kid/baby.
  8. When the adorable kid/baby suddenly ages years.
  9. When an important family member disappears and is never mentioned again.
  10. When an important new family member is introduced who's never been mentioned before.
  11. When the main character(s) become so whiny and self-pitying you don't like them anymore.
  12. When they repeatedly do fake-outs. (i.e. Show a character dying, but then the character didn't really die. Or show a character in imminent and inevitable threat of death in the preview/commercial, but character only gets a scratch or minor wound.)
  13. When the producers have made a deal for the characters to start shilling products during the episodes like it's The Truman Show.
  14. The second time the wedding is cancelled. / When the romantic roadblocks have reached eye-rolling levels of ridiculousness.
  15. Evil twin episode.
  16. When it tries to retcon the entire series.
  17. When a character-focused show (where the plot is secondary) loses too many of the original cast.
  18. When it actually jumps a shark or pretty much any episode involving an actual shark.
*None of the above apply to daytime soap operas, where many of these events are routine parts of the show.

cartoon of tv jumping the shark

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