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 Aug 31, 2014

The Notebooks of Maggie A
Part Eleven

I keep hearing that Republicans only care about babies before they're born and don't care about babies after they're born. That's not true. Republicans don't care about the babies before they're born either because Republicans don't believe in paying for medical care for pregnant women or paying for the cost of giving birth to the babies. So basically Republicans believe they have the authority to force women to carry fetuses but don't believe they have any responsibility for paying for said fetuses. So, according to Republicans, a woman shouldn't decide what happens to her own body, but she should have to pay for it all.

You know, there's an excuse for being a sore loser. There's no excuse in the world for being a sore winner.

Instead of IQ, we need to start using the term EIQ for "Effective Intelligence Quotient." There are many people with high IQs (genius or near-genius) whose ability to use that intelligence is only average or below average. And that's what really counts, how effectively you use that intelligence.

The cries of "Repent or go to Hell!" or "Believe or Die!" do not scare me. What does scare me is the prospect of spending eternity with people who would say that or with their version of a god. Now, that would be hell.

We need to start a new "Buy American" campaign. But instead of being about buying products manufactured in the United States, it would be about buying from American companies that pay U.S. taxes. Any American company that moves itself or its assets outside of the United States to avoid paying US taxes while still selling and/or having businesses in the US would be boycotted under the new "Buy American" campaign. A sister campaign would be "Zero Taxes, Zero Sales" where people boycott companies that use US resources but don't pay their share of taxes for those resources. Too many companies feel they don't have to pay their share of U.S. taxes even though they earn billions of dollars of income in the United States and use resources in the United States --- resources that have to paid for by taxes, the same taxes the companies avoid paying. (Read "Over 10 Percent Of America’s Largest Companies Pay Zero Percent Tax Rates.")

To many animals a prolonged stare is a sign of aggression. But there are at least two species where that's not necessarily true: humans and cats. To a human or a cat, a long stare straight into the eyes from "their person" is a sign of deep connection and attachment. It is a loving thing to do.

The restaurant was over-priced and under-good.

If I was given the gift of telepathy............I'd give it right back. There's a reason we learn to filter our thoughts. I really wouldn't want to hear someone's unfiltered thoughts or for them to hear mine --- you could ruin a relationship that way.

As you grow older it's good to occasionally have your frame of reference reset --- even if it is a mental kick in the pants. When I was at a military air show and overheard a crewmember of the plane I was touring say, "My grandfather was in Vietnam" was one of those moments for me. I was still thinking of World War II as the "grandfather" war and I had to realize that the grandchildren of the Americans who served in Vietnam were now old enough to be in the military. Recently I had another when someone I knew described a movie that came out in the 80s as "old." I was surprised and asked, "You call 80s movies 'old'? Then what do you call black and white movies?" "Classics," he replied. So I considered what he was saying. In the 80s I would have considered a movie from the 50s to be old and that was a thirty year differential. There's a thirty year differential between today and the 80s, so, yes 80s movies are now "old."

We are the product of our DNA, not the sum of it.

Notebooks of Maggie A

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