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 Feb 23, 2014
Rand Paul, the Clintons and Sex

With Rand Paul hammering on Bill Clinton's sex life as a way to go after Hillary Clinton, I can't help but think he's targeting the wrong Clinton's sexual activities. 

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not defending Bill Clinton. As I made clear in "Impeach Them All," my disappointment wasn't that Clinton was impeached, it's that he wasn't convicted. As I said in that piece, I don't think the questions should have been asked (what did his sex life have to do with Arkansas land dealings), but since the questions were asked under oath he was legally obligated to answer truthfully. And his moral obligation as a President of the United States of America sworn to uphold the laws of the US was sky high. Bill Clinton lied; he committed perjury. Frankly, instead of a standard five year sentence for perjury, and definitely instead of the slap-on-the-wrist temporary suspension and $90,000 fine which is all Bill Clinton actually got for his crime of perjury, if it were up to me the man would still be sitting in federal prison as I'd institute a 20 year mandatory minimum for any public official who commits perjury.

But for Rand Paul to call Bill Clinton a sexual predator for the Monica Lewinsky affair, that's too far. Bill Clinton isn't a sexual predator; he's a creepy, horny guy  ----- the difference being one that too many Republican's can't grasp: consent, specifically female consent.

Now I know that female consent doesn't mean much to Republicans. In fact, too many of them are entirely puzzled by the concept what with their "legitimate rape" and "transvaginal ultrasounds."

But ------ for any Republican who might actually read this ----- let me state the following..........

Monica Lewinsky was an adult who consented to having sex with Bill Clinton. That means she agreed to it and was a willing participant. From the accounts I saw at the time, she pursued him. In order to be a sexual predator, Bill Clinton would have had to have pursued her, to have pressured her into having sex. That Bill Clinton did have sex with a willing Monica Lewinsky who was 22 years old and less than half his age makes him creepy as well as horny, but it's not the same thing as being a sexual predator. It makes Bill Clinton an adulterer, but not necessarily a cheater as I'm not sure that the Clintons don't have an open marriage (whatever they might say). Given the sheer number of affairs Bill Clinton has had (and, implied in the book Game Change, continued to have --- well, a leopard doesn't change his spots) and how much awareness there is of those affairs and that Hillary Clinton (like Jackie Kennedy) is aware of affairs yet continues to stay in the're never going to be able to convince me that those two didn't settle into a non-monogamous marriage ----- which is their business and they're free to choose it.

That's why, years ago, when a friend of mine told me that Hillary Clinton had an affair with a Secret Service agent my immediate reply was, "Good for her. It's about time she got some." I approved. As I went onto to say, "Secret Service agents are in shape and discreet." Her husband had screwed around for years; I applauded Hillary for getting her turn at bat.

The only thing that surprised me was that I hadn't heard of it before. But, then again, I didn't keep up with the Clintons, certainly not their private lives. So, believing I had missed a news story, I asked my friend where she had heard it and then I really got a surprise when she told me it came from someone she knew in the FBI. I've never even met an FBI agent, I didn't realize my friend was the kind of person to have an FBI "source."

So Bill Clinton had sex with a White House intern. And, according to my friend's FBI source at least, Hillary Clinton supposedly had sex with a Secret Service agent.

If Rand Paul can portray Bill Clinton as a sexual predator, then why not Hillary Clinton? If the alleged affair was while Bill Clinton was President, she was the boss's wife --- that Secret Service agent worked for her husband. If Rand Paul believes it's inappropriate for a boss to have sex with an employee, how is it appropriate to for the boss' wife especially if she also works in the office? And more importantly to Rand Paul, it's Hillary Clinton who's going to be running against him for President, not Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton's a creep --- by now, you either agree with that or not. It's not news and you're not going to be changing anyone's mind. But Hillary Clinton is another story. And
it would be easy to make that story about Hillary into a parody and turn her into an Alexis Colby in pantsuits --- horny and power-hungry.

Now I'm sure most Secret Service agents are older than a 22 year old Monica Lewinsky. But, from the Republican point of view, that would make him an even a more perfect "victim" than Lewinsky for Hillary Clinton's supposed sexual predation. Because, if Hillary Clinton did have an affair with a Secret Service agent, he was probably a middle-aged, white guy. And if there's one thing the Republican party loves to do, it's portray middle-aged, white men as victims. And, for a bonus, he'd be a gun-toting, middle-aged white man ---- the perfect victim of female, Democratic disempowerment. And if a gun-toting, middle-aged white man who was getting paid by taxpayer dollars while working for Hillary Clinton's husband had an affair with her ---- to a Republican the headlines write themselves.

Now, I realize that if the affair did happen, that the Secret Service agent consented, but we're talking about Republican politicians, what does consent mean to them. So if Rand Paul is going to hammer a Clinton on their past sexual behavior, why not Hillary?
If Bill Clinton's actions are predatory to Rand Paul's mind, why wouldn't Hillary Clinton's alleged actions also be predatory to Rand Paul? As the saying goes, what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

sauce for the goose and gander

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