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 Sep 14, 2014

Antics of a Crazy Woman - Part 1

This is true story of a woman I knew years ago and what I call the "Water Bottle Incident"................

One morning this woman was dropping her daughter off at school. (Of course, her daughter couldn't ride the school bus; she had to be driven to school in the mornings --- and if it was cold, the vehicle had to be pre-warmed lest her daughter's precious butt come into contact with cold leather.) The woman discovered there wasn't a water bottle in her daughter's pack. Now, a non-crazy person could have handled this situation in a number of ways. The one thing all those ways have in common is the daughter would have been dropped off at school.
  • The daughter could have gone without a water bottle for that day. After all, the school had water fountains --- the girl would not go thirsty. But this is a woman who once did her business in an alley rather than use a port-a-potty. She had peculiar hang-ups about germs and wouldn't permit her daughter to use a school water fountain anymore than she would permit her daughter to ride a school bus.
  • The school was barely over a mile from their home. She could have dropped the daughter off, driven the less than five minutes back home, gotten the bottle and then taken it to the school.
  • There was a grocery store a block from the school. She could have dropped the daughter off, gone to the store, bought a bottle of water and then taken it to the school.
But those are ways a normal, non-crazy person would have handled the very minor happening of the daughter's pack not having a water bottle in it. And this piece is about the antics of a crazy woman.

The woman was livid. She was furious. You see, her husband was supposed to have put that water bottle in the pack. I don't know why it was the husband's responsibility or even the woman's responsibility to put a water bottle in the pack. I don't know why it was anyone's responsibility besides the girl herself. She was a highly intelligent girl. She wasn't physically disabled. So the girl was both mentally and physically capable of getting her school bag ready herself. But I notice that many parents today go out of their way to make their jobs more difficult by encouraging their children to be as helpless and dependent as possible. Why this is, I don't know. All I know is this was the parenting-style the woman seemed to be going for.

So you have an infuriated woman sitting there with her daughter --- her daughter who's been deprived of a bottle of water through the carelessness of her stupid husband.

So, this woman turns around and drives home.................with the daughter still in the vehicle.

She comes home outraged, goes through the kitchen where the water bottle is and bursts into the bedroom where the husband is sleeping. The husband is sleeping because he is the family's only wage-earner and does shift work so he'd been up late the night before.

The woman then wakes her sleeping husband and demands that he get up and take their daughter with water bottle to school ----- since it's his fault that the daughter is not at school. (Notice it's not the woman's fault because she didn't drop the daughter off at school. The daughter not being at school is entirely the husband's fault.)

I can only imagine the husband's reaction to being abruptly awakened and told his daughter was not at school because he hadn't put a water bottle in her school bag.

But the wife is not going to take the daughter to school, with or without the water bottle.

So the husband gets up, gets dressed and takes the daughter and water bottle to school. I believe the daughter had to be signed in because she was now late to school --- all because of a missing water bottle and a crazy woman.

And the woman felt perfectly self-justified in everything she had done, every step she had taken.

It won't come as a surprise to anyone reading this to know that the marriage was already in trouble and it ended. And if you've ever had a crazy person in your life, it probably won't come as a surprise that the woman put almost all of the blame for the marital problems on her husband. 

Because here's what I've noticed about crazy people --- they're usually the last one to know they're crazy. Their actions seem perfectly reasonable and rational to them.

water bottle emptied on school caution sign

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