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 Aug 2, 2015

The Notebooks of Maggie A
Part Thirteen

We, the American electorate, need to start demanding that candidates stop making campaign promises and start signing campaign contracts complete with financial penalties (to be paid to charity) if they violate the contract. (Penalty to include court costs and attorney fees and cannot be paid from donations, gifts, etc.) If candidates knew that promises were no longer free and they'd personally be financially penalized for not fulfilling those promises, candidates would be a lot more careful about what they say they'll do and about changing their positions once they're in office. 

Why is it that so many men have so much trouble with the concept that you keep wiping until the toilet paper is clean?

A happy kitten is the confidence of reckless abandon.

There's a difference between threatening the U.S. and being a threat to the U.S. Our leaders need to figure that out. Because that's an important distinction to grasp --- and not just for our leaders, but also for the hysterically panic-prone and the congenitally angry among us. That the media, defense contractors, politicians, etc. have motive to whip up over-reactions or take advantage of over-reactions is all the more reason why we shouldn't over-react.

I'm the captain of this ship that is my body, but sometimes the crew mutinies.
And, at my age, too many of them spend all their time grumbling.

It's possible to have a solid family and a bad marriage. Based on the way so many married couples put all their focus on rearing the children and no focus on their marriage, it's a common approach. And I have seen families sustained by this approach, but I've never, not once, seen a happy marriage sustained by that approach. And if the marriage finally falls apart then so does the family.

We need a new time reference: "As slow as an internet second."

A lot of people have "met" Jesus Christ. Based on how they act, they just met very, very little of him.

If you go by country music lyrics practically everyone has blue eyes, the odds of dying from giving birth are high and the acceptable reaction to your significant other cheating is to kill them --- or at the very least to vandalized their truck.

Yes, you literally are the center of the universe. But the world still doesn't revolve around you. (Every point is the universe is the center of the universe.)

Notebooks of Maggie A

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