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 Feb 15, 2015

The Notebooks of Maggie A
Part Twelve

It's not just that life isn't's that it doesn't get any easier with practice.

I recently heard a description of illegal immigrants that they just want to take and don't pay taxes and that's not the American Dream. But, wait, based on what I've seen, that is exactly the American Dream. Because look at all the rich people and corporations who've achieved the American Dream. They want to take and take with all kinds of special breaks and handouts plus all the benefits of being in America like an educated populace, security, infrastructure while not paying taxes (or paying as little as they can get away with) hence they move their assets and headquarters and do anything they can to get out of paying taxes. So if that's the new American Dream, then any illegal immigrant who wants to do the same will fit right in.

It used to be called being a "Good Samaritan." Then it was doing "good deeds." Then "random acts of kindness." Then "pay it forward." Now it's "#uplift someone." I've got another one for you.........."six of one, half a dozen of another." It's all the same thing ----- doing something good for someone when you don't have to.

One danger of the internet is it can make you think you're smarter than you really are because there are so many dumb people on it. So you tend to think you're incredibly smart when really what it is is you're interacting with the lower half of the bell curve.

I understand that some people equate pet ownership with slavery.............well, it's true the cat never gives me a day off.

The Bible says, "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" (Mark 10:24 & Matthew 19:24). I say it's about as easy for a rich person to be green. It's ironic, because the rich and their "lesser cousins," the wealthy, are ideally positioned to live green because a lot of living green takes money. Hybrid cars, solar panels, geothermal heating, water recycling systems etc. aren't cheap. But no matter how much of an environmentalist many rich people like to think they are, no matter how green...........almost always there's some part of their private life (if not every part) where they just have to indulge themselves at the expense of the environment. If there are solar panels, they're on top of a luxury house that used a huge amount of resources to build. Or they have powerful, gas guzzling vehicles and use private jets (if they have access) rather than public transportation. Their homes have water wasting multi-jet showers or jacuzzi bathtubs. Even for the cheap things when it comes down to it "greeness" doesn't matter as much as looks because that nice, big yard behind that fancy home isn't going to have a clothesline stretched across it to dry their laundry. No, they'll use a clothes dryer or a dry cleaner. For too many of the rich when their starry-eyed, idealist environmentalism comes into conflict with the self-indulgent lifestyle they feel their wealth entitles them to, the self-indulgence triumphs. So Al Gore or Barbra Streisand will free to lecture other people how to live green, but live in mansions themselves. Though at least Streisand did admit that when it comes to her advice, "She never meant that it necessarily applied to her."

The sisterhood of woman............when you read that does it sound like it excludes about half the human population? But we're supposed to accept "the brotherhood of man" as a phrase inclusive of all humans.

Hospitals --- filled with sick people with no appetite who need to be enticed to eat. And instead of fresh, delicious food, hospitals serve the worst food you'll never eat while charging you expensive restaurant prices for it.

The biggest sect of Christianity isn't Catholic. And it isn't Protestant. It's Church Door --- people whose Christianity begins and ends at the church doors. These people practice Christianity when they enter the doors and stop practicing when they leave. But, they think of themselves as Christians full-time.

Anyone who's not willing to change their priorities when they marry or have children, who's not willing to stop putting themselves first all the time.........should never marry or have children. Because what is marriage or procreating other than being willing to say you're now (at least) as important to me as me?

Notebooks of Maggie A

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