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 Jul 6, 2015

The Top Ten Dumbest (Political) Things Republicans Have Ever Said to Me

These are all from everyday Republicans in my daily life. Having lived my life in deep Republican country, I mostly meet people with Republican politics. Here are the Top 10 doozies I've heard from them................

10.The Republican party is the oldest political party. It's been around since the country was founded. 
Even the GOP's own website has the Republican party as starting in 1854 ---- something every American schoolchild is taught as it's part of the events leading up to the Civil War as the Republican party, the party of Lincoln, was founded as an abolitionist political group. Hence, is why the South reacted so badly to Lincoln's election.
9.Did you know a six week old unborn baby has brain waves?
Electrical activity is not the same thing as brain waves. I've seen dismembered lobster legs still twitching ---- who thinks they have a brain though they have electrical activity.
8.There wasn't a recession under Bush.
(Said during the Clinton administration about George H. W. Bush's presidency)
The recession of George H. W. Bush's presidency.

7.You'd better buy guns now. 'Cause Obama's gonna make it impossible to buy guns.
Said in 2012 after Obama had already been President for three years. And I remember hearing the same thing but with Bill Clinton's name in it.)
It's 2015 and guns are still for sale in the United States. A record 10.8 million guns were manufactured in the U.S. in 2013 (latest year data is available). 
6.Christians are the persecuted minority. They're going to come kill us all.
(Referring to the U.S. population in the late 1990s.
"They" means anyone who's not a Christian.)
Actual numbers from 2001, Christian total - 159,514,000 Non-Christian - 37,221,000
5.Like global warming is happening. (Said sarcastically in 2014)
It doesn't matter if the world is warming. Because when ice cubes melt in a glass, the water doesn't rise. So if the ice melts, sea levels won't rise.
(Since they are on the exact same topic, I decided to combine these two; otherwise, it would be a "Top Eleven" list.)
97% of climate scientists agree that there is global warming and that it's most likely caused by humans. Out of 13,950 peer-reviewed climate articles from 1991-2012 only 24 reject global warming. 
 Most of the ice is on land in Antarctica and Greenland, not floating in the ocean like giant ice cubes.
4.Bush never bailed out anyone.
About George W. Bush's presidency)
Bush signed a $700 billion (that's billion with a "B") bailout in October 2008.
3.The economy didn't collapse until Obama was President.
The financial collapse happened in 2008. George W. Bush was President in 2008. Barack Obama wasn't President until 2009.
2.There's no electoral college. We vote directly for the President.
Article 2, Section 1 of the United States Constitution where the process for Presidential elections is laid-out.
1.I was having a conversation about immigration with someone who was hostile to the idea. I pointed out to him that his ancestors immigrated to this country. He told me they hadn't. I looked at this pale skinned man with light brown hair and light eyes finding it extremely unlikely that he had no European immigrants in his background, but not wanting to jump to conclusions, I asked him if all his ancestors were Indians.* In a highly offended tone, he told me:
No, my family was all Americans!
1) This attitude reminds me of the Birthers who came up with a definition of "natural born citizen" that disqualified everyone in the United States from running for President.
2) And, excuse me??? Indians are Americans. In 1924, the Indian Citizenship Act  was passed giving Indians American Citizenship.
*The term "Native American" wasn't so in vogue then. And my understanding is that many who are descended from the indigenous population of North America prefer "Indian" to "Native American." Though I've noticed that "First Tribes" or "First Nations" is becoming commonplace today.

I truly wish people would stop saying stupid shit like this to me. Then I could stop correcting them which is tiresome for me and them.

Exploding Head Zone Caution Sign

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