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 May 26, 2015

Nom on Mom -- A Silly Cat Poem

Dedicated to all the furless cat moms out there................

Nom on Mom

Kittens nom
    Nom nom nom
Elf biting my wrist
We love nom........
Dinner nom
    Crunch crunch crunch
Gooshy nom
    Slurp slurp slurp
Momma nom
    Ouch ouch ouch

We love Mom
    Mom mom mom
Nom Mom palm
    Mom has qualm
Elbow nom
    Mom not calm
Nose-nose nom
    "Don't nom Mom.
     Mom not nom!"

Kittens nom
    Nom nom nom
Kittens nom
    Nom on Mom

When a visiting friend saw one of the cats mouthing my forearm he told her, "Don't nom on Mom." Nom is his slang for eat/bite/food. (I don't know if it's a common usage.) The "nom on Mom" caught my attention as it reminded me of Dr. Seuss' "Hop on Pop." So I said it would make a great title. I offered him a chance to write it, but he declined leaving it up to me. Thus you get this bit of silly cat rhyme.

Since whatever charm the poem has comes primarily when it's read aloud (at least the friend burst out laughing when I read it to him on the phone), I decided to narrate and illustrate it. (Something that took far, far longer than writing it.) I went through my photos and, not surprisingly, I didn't have many photos of the cats biting me. So, I cheated ----------- catnip was involved. I didn't get the perfect photo for every line, but how often is life perfect?

If you have problems with the embedded video, here's the direct link:

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