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 Apr 17, 2016

Observations on Donald Trump
(The Notebooks of Maggie A
Part Fourteen)

For years the Republican party has sown the wind with hate and now it's reaping the whirlwind of Donald Trump.

It's easy to appeal to the worst in people. 

Hate makes people stupid. It also makes them blind to their own stupidity.

The buck doesn't stop here with Donald Trump. Trump will always pass the buck and blame someone else.

With some men there's a direct correlation between the size of their insecurities and the size of their ego and the fragility of that ego. So the more insecure, the more over-inflated the ego, yet the more easily that ego is bruised resulting in a hyper-aggressive reaction. This condition should now be named the "Trump Complex."

Just because someone says something you like hearing doesn't make it true. It doesn't even mean they're speaking their own truth. They could just be saying what they know you want to hear............................especially if they're trying to sell you something, including themselves.

Donald Trump apparently has confused insults with love. (First insulting people then claiming he loves them and even saying those people love him in return.) Trump must have had one seriously dysfunctional childhood to have so mixed-up verbal abuse with love. 

There's an old saying, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.." Donald Trump's version of that saying is "Better to speak and be known as a fool than to remain silent and not be known." So now Trump's become internationally known as a buffoon and will be, in the words of one pundit, the "Biggest Loser in American politics."

The reason Donald Trump won't release his tax returns is obvious: he's got something to hide. I'd bet on an obscenely low tax rate as well as much less income. His claim that he won't release the returns because he's being audited is just a cover-up.

A sign of an insecure man is a man who won't  admit he's wrong and apologize for it. Genuine confidence isn't afraid to acknowledge being wrong and apologize for it.

I said to a friend that if Donald Trump weren't such an asshole, I could almost feel sorry for him. He's created quite the conflict for himself. His ego (stoked by the people he surrounds himself with) led him into running for president --- because he's a winner! But clearly he didn't really want to be president. (If Trump had been serious about being president, he would have set up an organization that would have been involved in the delegate selection process instead of being caught flatfooted by it.) But Trump no doubt liked the idea of all the attention he would get (he is a narcissist). Going on TV. People cheering him. Getting to mouth off. I doubt he thought any further than that, hence, explaining why that was the only part of campaigning he focused on.

So he'd be in it for a while...............and then he wouldn't.

He never expected it would go this far. Trump underestimated the power of the hate and anger in the Republican base almost as much as the Republican establishment did. But his big mouth combined with the power of that hate and anger carried him to win after win. And the more Trump wins, the more his ego is involved. But, now, since he has won so much, when he fails, he'll fail big ------- not like the last time he ran for president where he just quietly withdrew.

So here's Trump's conflict. He's not going to win the presidency. But his ego won't accept him being a loser. Yet he will lose. He'll either lose in the primary or as the polls are making clear even against the high negatives of Hillary Clinton he'll lose in the general election. Donald Trump is a winner; but Donald Trump is going to lose. So how does Donald Trump resolve that conflict? That's easy. I've already presented you with Trump's solution. When he does lose, it won't be his fault. Trump will just pass the buck and blame someone else.

He's already doing it. If he loses the nomination it will because the system is rigged against him and not because he couldn't get a majority of primary/caucus votes. (As I publish this, Donald Trump has yet to get the majority of votes in any state
though his home state of New York is expected to finally change that.) If Trump gets the Republican nomination and then loses the general election, he'll still blame someone else. Since Trump won't be self-funding his general election campaign and will be depending upon the usual Republican deep pockets accessible through the Republican establishment, I expect he'll blame that Republican establishment and those Republican deep pockets for the failure. And when the American public won't vote for Trump because he has the highest negatives of any presidential candidate since former KKK leader David Duke (who, incidentally, supports Trump)..........I expect even that will end up being the fault of someone else and he'll blame the lies and hate ads of others for causing those negative numbers. Because nothing is ever Trump's fault. The buck doesn't stop there.

Donald Trump - The buck doesn't stop here
Photo of Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore via Flicker CC license
Text added by Maggie A's Meanderings. Modified image also under CC license.

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