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 Aug 19, 2016

Donald J. Trump -- An (Imaginary) Obituary

If things keep going the way they're going this election season, when I picture Donald Trump's obituary years from now I imagine it would read something like this.........................

Losing Republican presidential candidate of 2016, Donald J. Trump, passed away from unspecified causes at his Manhattan penthouse home in Trump Tower today.

Trump, in the most contentious election in modern America politics, was infamous for insulting people from protesters to reporters to opponents to other Republicans and for getting into a prolonged public dispute with the Gold Star parents of U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan before losing the presidential election in a landslide. The poisonous effect of Trump's rhetoric caused disastrous down-ballot damage to the Republican party resulting in Republicans losing the majority in the Senate as well as a substantial number of house seats lost.

Trump --- who inherited a thriving, multi-million dollar business from his father --- was also a real estate developer, entrepreneur and reality TV star. His business decisions left Trump with significantly less money than if he had simply invested his fortune into an index fund as Trump's various businesses were known for under-performing, not paying employees and contractorsmultiple failures and bankruptcies.

It was as a reality TV star where Donald Trump shined, leveraging his brash personality, unparalleled egotism and bizarre hairstyle into international fame as the host of the hit show The Apprentice.

Eleven years after his first aborted presidential candidacy (Reform party, 2000 election), Trump decided to use the platform of his reality show fame to re-enter the political arena by prominently espousing the "Birther" cause which maintained that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii and was disqualified to be president. Trump claimed he'd hired a team of investigators who he'd sent to Hawaii, "I have people that have been studying it and they cannot believe what they're finding," yet no information the investigators found was ever released by Trump's notably stubby fingers.

Then in 2015 Trump announced his candidacy for the upcoming presidential election in a controversial press conference where he called Mexicans "rapists." From there he went onto a campaign noted for its self-destructiveness, poor organization, insults and fighting while racking up more "false" and "pants-on-fire" ratings from Politfact than any other candidate in history.

Copying Trump's speaking style of making outrageous accusations by claiming "many people" (all unnamed) were saying something, Trump's refusal to release his tax returns (the first major party presidential nominee to not release them since 1972) sparked a viral internet hoax of posters claiming that many people had said that Trump would not release his tax returns because the returns showed major donations to NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association, a group dedicated to pedophile and pederasty advocacy).

Trump is blamed for driving Latino support away from the Republican party for a generation. His widespread insults directed at Latinos, Muslims, women, veterans, the disabled and other groups locked the Republican party into a base of primarily Christian-conservative, non-college educated whites.........a diminishing demographic which continued to haunt the Republican party in Presidential elections long past Trump's candidacy.
Trump is survived by his current wife, a noted Eastern European beauty,* their child, as well as five children from three previous marriages, Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany and Barron plus numerous grandchildren. As a father Trump proudly stated that he had never changed a single diaper. It was always Trump's way to leave the messes for other people to clean-up

Donald J. Trump's tombstone

* I doubt that Melania would still be Trump's wife if he lives for a long time. He's the kind of man who keeps trading in his wives for younger models. (Trump was born in 1946. His first wife, Ivana, was born in 1949; his second, Marla, in 1963; and his third, Melania, in 1970.) However, since being married to Donald Trump is such a tough job that Trump has a hard time hiring Americans to do it, I expect whoever Trump's wife will be when he dies will be another immigrant, though let's hope her visa won't be in dispute so she's suspected of coming to the United States illegally like Melania Trump.

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