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2016-Aug-19Donald J. Trump -- An (Imaginary) ObituaryPolitics:  Years from now what will Trump's obituary read? Hopefully, a lot like this.
2016-Jun-5Self-Segregation and the School Bus StopObservations on behavior at a school bus stop
2016-May-26My Illustrated Guide to Cat PosesCat people have nicknames for the poses our cats strike. Here are some of them.
2016-May-1It Was a Bright and Stormy NightStorms aren't necessarily dark. Sometimes they're bright.....very bright.
2016-Apr-24The Four Seasons of North FloridaEven North Florida has four seasons. They're just not Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
2016-Apr-17Observations on Donald Trump (The Notebooks of Maggie A -- Part Fourteen )Aphorisms and observations about Donald Trump
2016-Apr-3Stormy Weather Cats - Fear and Learning in CatsHow I got my cats to be okay with bad weather
2016-Mar-13Reaping the Whirlwind of Donald TrumpPolitics: The Republican party has sown the wind with hate and now it's reaping the whirlwind of Donald Trump
2016-Feb-14Four Reasons Why I'm Not Voting for Hillary Clinton Even Though I'm "Supposed" ToPolitics: Four of the reasons why I won't vote for Hillary Clinton using Hillary's past actions to explain my reasoning.
2016-Jan-24Anticipating the Big Game DayEvery year I eagerly look forward to the Big Game day, just not for the same reason as a lot of the country.
2016-Jan-17Six Popular Tropes that Are Based on a MisconceptionSometimes the popular meaning associated with a trope is far from actual fact it's based on
2016-Jan-7 My Cartoon of Allah and Muhammad -
Religious Freedom and Its Limits
On the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attack -- the limits of religious freedom, the difference between tolerance versus embracing, and a cartoon of Allah and Muhammad
2015-Dec-24 Cats, Christmas and Wrapping Presents Trying to wrap Christmas presents with three indoor cats in the house
2015-Dec-20 An Open Challenge for the Men of the Pro-Life Movement The human body is capable of remarkable things. Pro-life men need to start using one of those abilities to save the lives of the unborn.
2015-Dec-11 15 Reasons Why ISIS Is a Bunch of Total Losers A look at what exactly makes ISIS losers
2015-Oct-4 The Bill Cosby Apology The apology that Bill Cosby should be making
2015-Sep-30 BioBoat A conceptual ship that could sail the Seven Seas for years at a time without making landfall or getting resupplied
2015-Sep-20 The Myth of Princess Margaret's Tragic Life With the Queen reaching the milestone of being Britain's longest reigning monarch, the retrospectives of her life keep getting one thing wrong.
2015-Sep-6 The Angel of Death's Growing Concern A speculative walk in the Angel of Death's shoes
2015-Sep-1 25 Cat Rope Scratchers for Shelters An economical way to make life a little brighter for shelter cats with these rope scratchers
2015-Aug-23 Cosby-style Rapists and Family Legacy Bringing up the question of what is the legacy of a father's attitude toward women and sexual encounters when that attitude is rape.
2015-Aug-16 Rules for TV Viewing How children found on their own found an argument free way to share.
2015-Aug-9 Adoption Stories -- Right and Wrong Three stories of adoptions, only one of which was done the right way
2015-Aug-2 The Notebooks of Maggie A -- Part Thirteen Aphorisms and observations
2015-Jul-26 Pond Scum, Civilization's Savior?
The Potential of Algae Biofuel to Alter the World's Economy, Environment and Politics
A look at the many benefits of the algae biofuel process
2015-Jul-12 Consistency, Thy Title Isn't TV Show Producer.......But It Should Be The one quality I'd like to see TV producers add to their shows
2015-Jul-6 The Top Ten Dumbest (Political) Things Republicans Have Ever Said to Me Politics: Actual things said by actual Republicans. I don't know if such a display of ignorance and denial is sadder or funnier.
2015-Jun-28 Rabbits and Imitation in the Animal Kingdom How common is imitation? A look at an example you might not expect.
2015-Jun-11 Kill Male Babies -- The Case for Male Infanticide A Darwinian look at sexual selection of infants
2015-May-31 Then the Drink Takes You A look at a couple of people and what drinking has taken from them
2015-May-26 Nom on Mom -- A Silly Cat Poem A bit of hopefully fun nonsense about cats
2015-Apr-12 A True Christian Religion: Exploing one of my favorite Bible chapters, Luke 6, and a rare person who lived up to it.
2015-Mar-29 Raccoons -- The Road(bump) to Enlightenment Raccoons are clever and adorable and WILD ANIMALS --- something the Japanese should have noticed
2015-Mar-22 Police in the U.S. --- Licensed to Kill A look at police violence in the U.S.
2015-Mar-15 The First Ten Poets A challenge of  naming the first ten poets that come to mind
2015-Mar-10 Sometimes Free Speech Is Ugly Speech
But It's Still Supposed to Be Free
Politics: It's the right to say the worst speech that needs defense from government interference.
2015-Mar-8 Extended Breastfeeding, My Rebuttal A message to all U.S. proponents of extended breastfeeding
2015-Mar-1 The Importance of Being Bored (in Childrearing) Why constantly entertaining children may not be a good idea.
2015-Feb-15 The Notebooks of Maggie A -- Part Twelve Aphorisms and observations
2015-Feb-1 A Picture Perfect Wedding Where I learned a lesson I've never forgotten about weddings -- namely, wedding guests are guests.
2015-Jan-18 The Last Lynching -- The Beulah Mae Donald Story The true story of the last Klan lynching and the remarkable bereaved mother who took them on as seen through the eyes of one Southern child
In honor of the victims killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack on Jan 7, an image of the Prophet Muhammad saying "Je suis Charlie!"
After due consideration, out of courtesy, I've decided to take the additional step to put it in a "Show/hide" button.
So it shouldn't automatically be visible. If you want to see it, click on the button. If the sight of it will offend you, then don't click.
2014-Dec-28 Breathing Is Fundamental For smokers -- An ordinary, everyday story of what it's like to have your breathing not seriously impaired.
2014-Dec-21 Reasons for Adopting a Baby Via Foster Care Why, if you're wanting to adopt a baby, you should consider going the foster parent route.
2014-Nov-30 Truly Odd Parents:
Parents Who Take a Hard Job and Make It Harder
Parenting is a lot of work.............but not as much work as many parents make it into.
2014-Nov-23 Victim Blaming and the Assumption of Rape Here in America, we women assume men aren't rapists, not that they are.
2014-Oct-26 Have been fostering this cute little time-eater since Oct 11. And I know the internet has a lot of cute photos of kittens, but I think this may be one of the cutest I've ever seen. This little one's a boy. He's a brown tabby with extensive white marking and utterly adorable. The milk name "Pepper" is because of his personality.

Foster Kitten, Pepper
2014-Oct-5 Products I Want to Be Made, But Aren't Even with all the stuff on the market today, there are still some products that aren't made that I think should be.
2014-Sep-21 Antics of a Crazy Woman - Part 2 More examples of sometimes crazy people really can't tell when they're acting crazy -- no matter how obvious it is to the rest of us.
2014-Sep-14 Antics of a Crazy Woman - Part 1 Sometimes crazy people really can't tell when they're acting crazy -- no matter how obvious it is to the rest of us.
2014-Aug-31 The Notebooks of Maggie A -- Part Eleven Aphorisms and observations
2014-Jul-27 Sex and the Selfish City In six seasons of Sex and the City, there was one important element that was missing.
2014-Jul-13 Why I'm More Moral Than God
(The Judeo-Christian God of the Old Testament)
Part One
Religion: Rewriting sections of the Old Testament with me as God to show why my morals are better.
2014-Jun-1 Earth Versus Alien Invasion What an alien invasion of Earth could actually be like --- and it doesn't work out well for us.
2014-May-25 In Celebration of Disease Carriers Why being a carrier of a disease is a good thing for us all.
2014-May-11 The Notebooks of Maggie A -- Part Ten Aphorisms and observations
2014-Mar-23 Last Thursday (March 13) when I was at the Escambia County Animal Shelter looking for my Trilby Kitty, the woman working Intake said, "You'd be the perfect person to foster these kittens." I thought she was kidding --- she wasn't. Somehow I walked out of there with two kittens --- even though I said I knew nothing about kittens and had never even been around them. Thank god for the internet because I've learned a lot. You know the primary thing I've learned about kittens this young?


And the "feedings" can take over an hour what with the preparation, feeding, grooming, cleaning and washing.

So I haven't had time to do any writing this week. Plus there's the lack of sleep.

Instead I offer this picture of the kittens I've given the milk names of.............

foster kittens, Elf and Beauty

I was told the kittens were 4 weeks old, but I believe they were closer to 3 weeks based on developmental milestones (example, they just learned to retract their claws on Wednesday, March 19, and that happens at 27 days). From what I've read, they'll be on a three hour feeding schedule until they're 6 weeks old. Then I get to cut out 1 of the feedings. Then a week after that, they'll be weaned and have to go back to the Escambia County Animal Shelter unless I can find someone to adopt them.
2014-Mar-16 The Beginner's Intro to the Essential Agatha Christie If you've never read the mysteries of Agatha Christie and are curious about them, here's an intro to give you an idea of what to expect.
2014-Mar-9 The Notebooks of Maggie A -- Part Nine Aphorisms and observations
2014-Mar-2 Olympic Winter Decathlon If there were such a thing as a winter decathlon, these are the events I would include.
2014-Feb-23 Rand Paul, the Clintons and Sex Politics: Is Rand Paul going after the wrong Clinton's peccadillo?
2014-Feb-9 Five Defining Moments in School that
Formed Opinions about
the U.S. Government
I Still Believe Today
Politics: There were moments in school when what I learned about the U.S. government forever changed my view of the government........for the worse.
2014-Feb-2 The First (Female) Action Hero Debunking the claims that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the first female action hero.
2013-Dec-29 Why You Gotta Love McDonald's Why McDonald's is a shining example you have to love --- if you're a greedy corporation.
Trilby Kitty Missing -- Reward Offered
My beloved cat, Trilby Kitty, has gone missing. Please help get him home.
2013-Nov-10 My Illustrated Astronomy Definitions This is my 100th piece.
My version of astronomy definitions -- all accurate but often a lot more caustic.
2013-Oct-24 The next post will be my 100th, but I don't know when I'm going to be doing it.

Anyone who's read this blog knows how important my cat, Trilby Kitty, is to me. Trilby Kitty is sick. He's probably dying. I've been concerned about him for a while now, and started taking him to the vet back in August, but the vet couldn't find anything wrong. However, Trilby keeps dropping weight........and now even the vet agrees with what I feared was the problem all along. At least Trilby's not suffering yet. He still enjoys his walks, and he's been getting lots of treats. He never did lack for attention. But he's an indoor-outdoor cat and he still wants his freedom to explore, so I give him that freedom even though what I'd really like to do is to curl up and hold him tight. But I can't do that because if these are his last days, I want him to enjoy them as much as he can. So Trilby Kitty's not suffering. Though I feel like I'm suspended in hell and just waiting for someone to cut through the rope and drop me all the way into the pit. Such is the difference that knowledge makes.

Trilby Kitty is not your typical cat. And that's not just me saying that. Plenty of other people have pointed that out to me. Trilby was once described as "a puppydog in a cat suit." Much that I read/heard about cats did not apply to Trilby Kitty. In the back of my mind, I always thought that I'd make some videos about it one day, but no hurry as we had years ahead of us. And now I'm running out of time. So I've started a series of videos on YouTube that I call "MythScratchers".....................

MythScratchers -- Scratching the cat myths till we get to the truth.

Cats Coming When Called --
Testing the myth that cats don't come when called.
Part 1
Part 2
Cats and Pointing -- Testing the myth that cats don't understand a pointed finger.
Cats and Tail Wagging -- Testing the myth that cats don't wag their tail when they're happy.
2013-Sep-29 Attachment in Cats -- Feline Versions of the Strange Situation Test Exploring evidence of bonding in cats
2013-Sep-8 The Suburban Wilds -- Cicada Cacophony Cicadas are the loudest insects on Earth and definitely not who I wanted as a houseguest.
2013-Sep-1 Avoiding the Perils of Being a Mute Fairy Tale Heroine Fairy tale heroines face a lot of perils -- it comes with the territory of being a fairy tale heroine. But some perils are easily avoided.
2013-Aug-18 The Choice My answer to the classic dilemma asked of pet owners "Would you save a stranger's life or your pet's?"
2013-Aug-11 The Notebooks of Maggie A -- Part Eight Aphorisms and observations
2013-Jul-21 The Presidential Pledge I Want a Candidate to Sign Politics: I will vote for a candidate that agrees to do the following ---- all of which are in the President's power to do.
2013-Jul-14 Radio Stations and New Math Radio stations use their own type of math
2013-Jul-7 If You Think Everyone Has the Right to Vote ---- You're So Wrong Politics: Restrictions on voting rights in the United States. How many people living in the United States do you think don't have the right to vote? It's almost certainly far more than you think. 
2013-Jun-30 The Notebooks of Maggie A -- Part Seven Aphorisms and observations
2013-Jun-16 Slightly More Informative Tourist Slogans Parodies of tourist slogans based on news stories about the countries
2013-Jun-9 Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) Grown Up What would Calvin be like as a grown-up? Stripped of the nostalgia and sentiment. Based on Calvin's actions and attitudes.
2013-Jun-2 The Price of Being "The Fairest of Them All" Being beautiful has a myriad of advantages, but, for those who've come to depend on that beauty, it has a price too.
2013-May-26 The Mother Who Hated the Sound of Her Children's Laughter A true story about a mom who couldn't stand it when her kids would laugh
2013-May-5 The Marriage Contract -- Marriage and Government Activism Politics: What is government activism when it comes to marriage?
2013-Apr-28 You!! The Song of the Domesticated Cat A poem from a cat's (Trilby Kitty) point of view of the relationship with their person
2013-Apr-21 Dying from Terrorism Not Really a Danger
Losing Freedoms Is a Real Danger
Politics: The overreaction to the perception of the threat of terrorism is far more dangerous to the American way of life than terrorism is
2013-Apr-14 My First Fantasy Book? Fantasy fiction has been a part of lives for a long time
2013-Mar-17 Hollywood and Religion: How Many Churches Are Too Many? Hollywood's take on the prevalence of religion in America doesn't match the actual prevalence religion in America.
2013-Mar-10 Cat Thinking -- The Day My Legs Turned Blue How cats (Trilby Kitty) form mental image maps.
2013-Mar-3 Guns and Smoking Politics: Some facts about guns, smoking and the deaths caused by each
2013-Feb-24 Teacher - Student Sex
How Much Has Really Changed?
School administrators --- how much do they overlook teachers having sex with students?

Tell Me Again Why the Doctor Can Never See Amy (& Rory)?

Doctor Who (2005) Grade Rankings
A review of the Doctor Who episode "The Angels Take Manhattan."

Doctor Who (2005 - New Who), my grade rankings for seasons 1 to 7
2013-Feb-10 The Notebooks of Maggie A -- Part Six Aphorisms and observations
2013-Jan-20 Scientific Stupidity See how even the people who are supposed to be the smartest among us can sometimes be dumb when it comes to their work.
2013-Jan-13 Michelangelo's Nude David My theory on Michelangelo's David
2013-Jan-6 When Good TV Shows Are Going Bad...
Signs a Show Has Jumped the Shark
If one of your favorite TV shows has done any of these, it might be jumping the shark.
2012-Dec-30 Winter Solstice Sunset on Pensacola Beach No destruction of the world, just a lovely beach sunset on this winter solstice
2012-Dec-17 The Next Doomsday -
This Friday, The Mayan Apocalypse Prophecy
This Friday is the end of the world -- so some believe or would have you believe. For me, the Mayan Apocalypse is old news.
2012-Dec-9 The Notebooks of Maggie A -- Part Five Aphorisms and observations
2012-Oct-7 Arrogance in Geography Here's a reality check: Just because your home is famous to you doesn't mean it's actually famous.
2012-Sep-16 My Credo as a Liberal Politics: What it means to me to be a liberal in the United States.
Expecting a hurricane. Going to be a little preoccupied this week. Did the shopping, filled up the car with gas, am freezing containers of water to use as ice, went ahead and paid all upcoming bills, checked the camping equipment, filled the collapsible 5 gallon container with water. Now have some dead branches to cut down and clearing the yard. Then it's sit tight and Let the Hurricane Roar -- 'Cause What Can I Do about It Anyway?
2012-Aug-26 The Black Hole That (Didn't) Devour the Galaxy Black holes are terrifying. Or are they? See how even supposedly serious science programs have an appetite for the sensational.
2012-Aug-19 No One Eligible to Run for U.S. President According to Birthers Politics: The Birthers have finally done it. They've come up with a definition of "natural born citizen" that excludes every person in the United States of America including them.
2012-Aug-5 My Take on Certain Olympic Events My honest and hopefully humorous opinion of some of the "sports" in the Olympics
2012-Jul-29 The Suburban Wilds
Wild Treasures of Beauty Near My Home -- Part 1
Wild spaces in the suburbs --- the neighborhood retention pond
2012-Jul-22 Religion, Freedom and Homosexual Marriage in America: An Open Letter to Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy
Religion: Balancing religion and freedom in America. A discussion of the wider implications of legislating "traditional" marriage.
2012-Jul-15 Dune, Evil and the Bene Gesserit An essay about the nature of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood from Frank Herbert's Dune novels.
2012-Jul-8 Cat Heaven Trilby Kitty's little slice of heaven
2012-Jul-1 Double Identity -- Distinguishing Actors and Their Roles Actors and the roles they play....distinguishing between the two can be tricky and not just for the viewers.
2012-Jun-17 The Sounds of Pensacola:
Evenings in Olde Seville Square
Pensacola's oldest free concert series, Evenings in Olde Seville Square, comes to a close with its 25th season. Take one last look at this Pensacola tradition. Last Update on August 4.
2012-Jun-10 Why Common Wisdom Is Wrong on the Origin of Phobias Common wisdom holds that phobias are caused by childhood traumas. See where I think that's wrong.
2012-Jun-3 The Real Ending to Tarantino's "Death Proof"
Pensacola Highlights --- Summer Salute V

What the real ending to Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof" movie would have been.

Highlights from the big, free country music concert (this year featuring Diamond Rio) at the Pensacola Navy base given for the military, but open to the general public.
2012-May-27 The Notebooks of Maggie A -- Part Four Aphorisms and observations
2012-Apr-29 No new post this week and maybe not next week. I've been busy working.....and working.....and working on a website for the neighborhood.
2012-Apr-22 A World of Greens, Grays and Browns.........
Views from the Edward Ball Nature Trail
Join me for a quiet spring walk through a Florida bayou.
2012-Apr-15 Life Among the Baptists:
One Outsider's Perspective
Religion:  What's life been like living among the Baptists.
2012-Apr-8 The Notebooks of Maggie A -- Part Three Aphorisms and observations
2012-Apr-1 10 Favorite Headlines Examples of poetic justice from the headlines
2012-Mar-25 The Tree and the Cat The story of Trilby Kitty and his favorite tree
2012-Mar-18 Ingloriously A Bastard?
Mississippi and Miscegenation
The laws in many states turned children into bastards (and still do, for that matter). This is how I found out I was one of those bastards.
2012-Mar-8 Honest Apology from Rush Limbaugh -- An Imagining
Politics: My imaginary take on what an honest apology from Rush Limbaugh on the Sandra Fluke testimony firestorm would have been like.
2012-Mar-4 Flight of the Canary The story of Thistle, the canary who was determined to fly.
2012-Feb-26 The Notebooks of Maggie A -- Part Two Aphorisms and observations
2012-Feb-19 Impeach Them All Politics: Why I think every US president in the last 30 years should have been impeached.
2012-Feb-12 When You Think God's Light Shines Out of Your Kid's Asshole.........You're Raising a Brat
(And Why It's Not Doing Your Kid Any Favors)
The three stages of brathood and how parents mold them.
2012-Feb-5 4 Proposed Amendments to the US Constitution Politics: Changes I think need to be made to the Constitution in order to give We the People more of a voice in the government and more limited government.
2012-Jan-22 Hollywood Romance: Fiction Versus Fact If a great romance movie leaves you in a funk like it does me, I get my mind out of that funk by comparing Hollywood fiction and fact.
2012-Jan-15 The Notebooks of Maggie A -- Part One Aphorisms and observations
2012-Jan-8 LOLCat Featuring Trilby Kitty -- Part 1 Trilby Kitty in four LOLCats
2011-Dec-25 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! --- I'll be back after the holidays.
In the meantime, I hope you have a good holiday season (for those of you who have holidays at this time of year).
2011-Dec-18 My Favorite Things -- My Favorite Holiday Recipe A Christmas gift of a simple, delicious and versatile recipe you'll find yourself eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
2011-Dec-11 His Person's Voice
or A Cat Who Will Come When Called
A Trilby Kitty story exploring the bond between a cat and his person's voice.
    Happy Thanksgiving! For all the U.S. residents (I got burned on that one by a Canadian. I know your Thanksgiving was in October.)

No new post this week. I'm busy working on transferring this site from it's original URL as a Cox personal webspace. Even though I paid for that personal webspace --- you don't get anything free from Cox ---- Cox has arbitarily decided to delete everyone's personal webspaces. (See the email.) Cox is not "your friend in the digital age" but is a business you pay to screw you, only halfway through they take your money and refuse to deliver the service you're paying them for, making them a very, very bad whore.

In my opinion, Cox likes to still treat its customers as if it's 30 years ago back when they had a monopoly before satellite became widespread. They still act like their customers' options are "Like It or Lump It." Despite their shrinking customer base, Cox has yet to figure out that today a Cox customer's options are "Like It, Lump It or Leave It." After this last screwing by Cox, I'm planning on leaving it.
2011-Nov-20 Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show Celebrate a 100 Years of Naval Aviation at the Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show at NAS Pensacola
2011-Nov-13 Immortal Death Wish Vampires have been popular ever since Stoker's Dracula brought them back to the public consciousness. But the people who desire to be a vampire............maybe they should think twice.
2011-Nov-6 As Dumb as Deer The world population has just reached the 7 billion mark. Take a look at my reason why.
2011-Oct-30 Self-Proclaimed Antichrist Religion: I am a self-proclaimed antichrist --- which isn't nearly as ominous or as self-aggrandizing as it seems. Find out what it actually does mean.
2011-Oct-23 Secession & Separation
or When We Can't Stand Our Neighbors

Pensacola Highlights --- Sunsets at Plaza de Luna
The 50 United States of America, but not the 50 states you're thinking of.
The final Sunsets at Plaza de Luna for the year with Secondhand Soul, a Flock of Birds and Belle.

Star Wars, Einstein and When Lucas Got It Right                                           

Difficulty Levels of Death Star Versus Various Astronomical Bodies
Star Wars fans absolutely love to trash George Lucas, mostly for good reason, but there are a couple of times when many fans think Lucas got it wrong when he was actually following real world physics.

An estimate of how hard would it be for the Death Star to blow-up astronomical bodies of varying size and solidity.
2011-Oct-9 15 Important Legal Points I've Learned from Watching "Law & Order" For most of us watching TV and movies is as close as we'll ever be to getting involved in a serious police investigation. But if it ever happens, based on TV law these are the important points to know.
2011-Oct-2 The Single Stupidest Thing I've Ever Heard
or How To Prove a Stereotype
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity, but this assertion about male anatomy may be the single dumbest statement ever made in human history.
2011-Sep-25 Hollywood's Bizarre Take on Rape Hollywood has a long history of portraying rape as romance, but we, the audience,are also to blame in celebrating that portrayal.
2011-Aug-28 Let the Hurricane Roar --
'Cause What Can I Do about It Anyway?
Mitigating natural disasters like hurricanes through geographic awareness.
(Still on hiatus, but thought I'd go ahead and put this up.)
        On hiatus, griefstricken......too sad to write
2011-Aug-21 The Sounds of Pensacola:
Summer Country Jam
Part Two -- Pensacola's newest free concert series featuring country music with Brett Eldredge, Jared Ashley, James Wesley and Kip Moore.
Storm Over Pensacola Beach
Pensacola Highlights --- Sunsets at Plaza de Luna
A massive thunderhead rolls over Pensacola Beach spoiling the evening's concert but making for some good photos.

Thursday, August 4, at Sunsets at Plaza de Luna with the Alvarado Road Show and Batman.    
2011-Aug-10 The Sounds of Pensacola:
Summer Country Jam
Part One -- Pensacola's newest free concert series featuring country music with Chuck Wicks, Matt Mason, Rhett Akins and Tyler Reeve.
2011-Aug-7 The Sounds of Pensacola: 
Sounds of Summer
The fourth of four free concert series in Pensacola and the most intimate. Weekends at the Boardwalk on Quietwater Beach.
2011-Jul-31 Three Major Nationwide Restaurant Chains that Have Completely Jumped the Shark When good restaurants go bad......Have any of the restaurant chains you eat at jumped the shark?
2011-Jul-24 The Sounds of Pensacola:
Bands on the Beach   
Pensacola Highlights --- Sunsets at Plaza de Luna
Explore Pensacola's second of four free concert series, "Bands on the Beach" Tuesday nights on the white sands of Pensacola Beach.

Thursday, June 14, at Sunsets at Plaza de Luna with live music and Cinderella.
2011-Jul-17 Red, White and Blues: The Pensacola Beach Airshow Featuring the Blue Angels Take a tour through the summer airshow featuring the Blue Angels flying over beautiful Pensacola Beach.
2011-Jul-10 Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner?
The Socially Accepted Racism
There is one last bastion of racism, an area where segregation is sacrosanct. In private or in public, anyone can do it and some people do.
2011-Jul-3 The Sounds of Pensacola:
Summer Salute IV
Take a look at THE big, free country music concert (this year featuring Craig Morgan) at the Pensacola Navy base given for the military, but open to the general public.
2011-Jun-26 The Devotion of a Cat  
Pensacola Highlights --- Sunsets at Plaza de Luna
Cats have the reputation of being aloof, even disdainful. The reality is cats can be just as faithful and  loving as any dog. Read the touching, true tale of one cat's devotion in a time of crisis.
Thursday, June 2, at Sunsets at Plaza de Luna featuring the Cary Laine Band, a terrific country music group out of Alabama, and Captain Jack Sparrow.
2011-Jun-17 Why "Birthers" Are Idiots
Politics: A humorous look at what exactly Birthers believe for Obama not to have been born in the U.S., and why it makes them idiots.
2011-Apr-24 On hiatus due to illness, hope to be back shortly........             
2011-Apr-17 The Sounds of Pensacola:
Sunsets at Plaza de Luna
Explore Pensacola's first of four free concert series, Sunsets at Plaza de Luna -- A family friendly concert with an interactive water fountain and a cartoon character.
2011-Apr-10 10 Reasons Why the Best "Boyfriend" I've Ever Had Is My Cat
Pensacola Highlights --- UWF's Festival on the Green: Lots of Dogs and Just One Cat
A tongue-in-cheek look at how my relationship with my cat may be the best relationship I've had with a male. 
See highlights from my favorite festival in Pensacola, the University of West Florida's celebration of Spring, Festival on the Green.
2011-Apr-3 The Suburban Wilds --
Creepy, Crawly Cockroaches
Wildlife experiences in the suburbs: Living life with America's largest cockroach. (Warning -- Not for the cockroach phobic, contains multiple images of cockroaches)
2011-Mar-27 The Usual Characters You may never have realized it but, when it comes to fiction, virtually every successful author takes one of two very limited approaches for writing their protagonists. Take a look at what they are though you may never read fiction the same way again.
2011-Mar-20 The Sounds of Pensacola:  The Seductive Stylings of Songstress Holly Shelton Explore the best of the Pensacola music scene. Discover the seductive appeal of vocalist Holly Shelton and find out why preconceived notions can be a bad idea.
2011-Mar-13 Anchor Babies Away! Politics: Illegal Immigration: Are anchor babies even real? And the fallacy polliticians want the American public to believe about illegal immigration.
2011-Mar-6 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral -- Justified? Would the gunfight at the O.K. Corral be considered a justified shooting by modern standards?
2011-Feb-27 7 Scary Things You Didn't Know about Your Pet's Food A humorous and revolting look at what's REALLY in the pet food you buy for your dog or cat. (This one's a must read for any and every cat or dog owner.)
2011-Feb-20 4 Classic Novels that Are Way More Depressing than You Think They Are Based on the Movies Part II -- Wuthering Heights, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court:
Why, if you're looking for a Hollywood ending, you should stick with the Hollywood movie.
2011-Feb-13 4 Classic Novels that Are Way More Depressing than You Think They Are Based on the Movies Part I -- The Man in the Iron Mask, The Hunchback of Notre Dame:
Why, if you're looking for a Hollywood ending, you should stick with the Hollywood movie.
2011-Feb-6 In the Mind of a Sleeping Cat Explore the psyche of a lost cat who found a new home, and see how much even a sleeping cat has to say.
2011-Jan-30 Home Remedies That Actually Work --
Stinky Sweat
Sweat Odor -- What causes it and how to deal with it.
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Social Insecurity

Politics: Outrageous wastes of tax dollars in the Social Security Disability program.


The Suburban Wilds Wildlife experiences in the suburbs.


Fashiomissta A look at the fashion world from a non-fashionista.
2010-Dec-19 The (Not So) Great Zombie Apocalypse What would happen in the U.S. if the dead actually came back to life as zombies.

Just for fun.........My cat, Trilby Kitty, as a LOLCat.

 Trilby Kitty's Laser Eyes

I don't know why the eyes are glowing different colors. In the photo without the zoom that I snapped just before this, both of TrilbyKitty's green eyes were glowing yellow.

Trilby enjoys sitting on top of the car, which wouldn't worry me except it's a soft top convertible, and he weighs almost 14 pounds.

But if it's raining or too cold to be outside, when he can't stand staying cooped up in the house anymore, being in the garage is his compromise.

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